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“Experience the luxury of freshly brewed espresso beverages and gourmet coffees at your special event. Serving weddings, corporate gatherings, parties, and more across Central Florida. Elevate your celebration with our expertly crafted beverages on-the-go.”

Kineo (kin-eh'-o):

To move, set in motion; to be moved; of that motion which is evidence of life.

Mobile Espresso and Coffee Bar

sip the difference: Mobile Espresso Excellence for every occasion

corporate events

Boost team morale with Central Florida's premier mobile espresso bar. Freshly brewed coffees for workshops, seminars, and meetings. Elevate your corporate ambiance with gourmet beverages on-the-go.


Add a touch of elegance to your special day with Central Florida's premier mobile espresso bar. Delight your guests with gourmet coffees and espressos. Let love brew as we enhance your wedding ambiance.

parties & celebrations

Turn moments into memories with Central Florida's favorite mobile espresso bar. Indulge your guests at birthdays, anniversaries, and reunions. Make every gathering unforgettable with our expert brews.

baby showers

Celebrate new beginnings with Central Florida's top mobile espresso bar. Pamper guests with our handcrafted lattes and cappuccinos.

Crafting memories, one cup at a time.

Based in Central Florida, Kineo Coffee is more than just a mobile espresso bar—it’s an experience that transforms any event. Our skilled baristas, armed with sustainably-sourced, top-grade beans, bring the allure of a classic espresso bar straight to your venue, making moments truly unforgettable.

From corporate seminars to beachside weddings, we pride ourselves on tailoring our services to your event’s unique ambiance. With Kineo Coffee, it’s not just about savoring exquisite coffee—it’s about creating lasting memories.

The process: Your expresso experience simplified

1.) Inquiry & Consultation

Begin your journey with us by either filling out our online form or giving us a direct call. Our team will promptly reach out to discuss your specific needs, from event size to coffee preferences.

2.) Customization

Every event is unique. We’ll work closely with you to tailor our offerings. Whether it’s a customized cup you desire or a themed menu for your occasion, we ensure our service complements your event’s vibe.

3.) Booking & Confirmation:

Once details are ironed out, we’ll provide a transparent quote and a link to pay a deposit. Upon agreement, your date is secured in our calendar. A confirmation email with all details will be sent for your peace of mind.

4.) Event Day Setup

Our professional team arrives well ahead of your event’s start time. We handle everything from setup to brewing, ensuring a seamless coffee experience for your guests.

5.) Serving with Elegance

Our baristas, with their unmatched skill and passion, bring to life the tailored coffee experience you’ve chosen. Each cup is brewed with precision, ensuring guests are not only served coffee but a memorable experience.

6.) Post-Event

As your event winds down, our team ensures a clean and swift pack-up, leaving no trace behind—just the lingering taste of premium coffee.


what our clients say

Frequently Asked QuestionS

From weddings and corporate gatherings to baby showers and parties, our mobile espresso bar brings gourmet coffee experiences to a wide range of celebrations across Central Florida.

Simply fill out our online booking form or give us a call. Our team is eager to assist and ensure your event has the best brewed delights.

Yes, our espresso bar is equipped to serve both small gatherings and large corporate functions, ensuring every guest enjoys a premium coffee experience.

Certainly! We work closely with hosts to tailor our offerings, ensuring our brews match the theme and preferences of your special celebration.

Our pricing is competitive and based on event size, duration, and customization. Get in touch for a detailed quote tailored to your wedding or baby shower needs.