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Exceptional Mobile Espresso Bar Experience Tailored for Corporate Events in Central Florida

I moved to Central Florida from LA with my wife and two children in 2019 not knowing where life was taking me. I was pursuing an acting career while also trying to support my family in a very unforgiving environment. My wife (always the visionary) and I began talking about starting our own business and decided LA just wasn’t the place we wanted to try that. So, after some prayer, we decided God had plans for us in Orlando.

Just what those plans were, well, we’d find out when we got there. We were drawn to Sanford and the blossoming culture and community we found there. We bought our house here in Sanford in 2021 in the middle of a crazy real estate market. We started exploring some career paths and quickly found that doors were opening for my wife’s interior design business. So, I took a backseat as a stay-at-home dad and got a job working from home.

Fast-forward to the end of 2022 when my job was phased out and I was laid off. With my wife’s business going in a good direction, we decided there was no time like the present to start a business of my own. Coffee has always been a passion of mine and I helped a friend of mine build his mobile coffee business in LA several years ago. It felt right in my wheelhouse.

So, in a matter of a day of losing my job, I decided to register an LLC and start on a brand new venture. As I was thinking up a name for this enterprise, the word “Kineo” popped into my head. Not sure where I’d heard it before cause I wasn’t even sure at the time what it meant. When I looked it up, I found that it meant “movement” or “to move”. I’m convinced God put that name in my head and it was Him telling me it was time for life to move in a new direction. Thus was born Kineo Coffee.

Kineo: /kin-eh’-o/ To move, set in motion; to be moved; of that motion which is evidence of life.

Married for 10 years to my biggest supporter, partner, and champion, Michelle Parrish! Together we’re raising 3 amazing kids, each with their own unique way of contributing to Kineo Coffee. We believe in building a legacy of service both at home and in our work.

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